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A life for a day

Now it's time to breathe and finally have a life again. Only for a few hours though, then back to normal (= preparing lessons, seminars and other school-related stuff).
Today was my first UB. It went quite alright and I think I can be satisfied with what I have accomplished until now. My mentor teacher was of great help, we planned the lesson together, went through it like three or four times, she proofread my paper that I had to write about the contents of the lesson and the didactics and methods, and was just of great help in general. Unfortunately the mentor teachers change frequently, so she won't be there for all my UBs.
The kids were great, too. Two girls came up to me before the lesson and said things like "I wish you good luck" and "You can do it". That was a great start...
So after the seminar in the afternoon I told myself not do anything for school today, which feels really good. I continued my little tradition to do other "useful" things after exam situations, so I baked kanelbullar to surprise my family tomorrow.

And there will be no more chocolate consume update. Stupid idea.
10.11.06 21:23

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Heho (11.11.06 11:32)
Juha! Congratulations!

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