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Above average?

How much chocolate do I eat per year?

I just read an article in the newspaper on chocolate and there it said that during the last year there was an average consume of chocolate of almost 9kg per person. My first reaction was - I am certainly above average when it comes to eating chocolate. But then I started to calculate.. 9kg per year, that means 750g per month. Considering that the average chocolate bar (like these pure chocolate bars) has something like 100g that makes almost 8 chocolate bars a month, so that means 2 per week. Do I really eat that much???
But unfortunately the answer is yes. And even more.
I don't eat pure chocolate bars all the time, but I eat lots of things that have some chocolate inside. I would say at least once a day something chocolatey. At least. Ok. Maybe twice. And then a chocolate bar every once in a while, when I am attacked by the chocolate hunger. So I guess that easily adds up to more than 9kg per year.

Thinking about it all made me curious how much chocolate I really eat. So starting from today I will try to make a chocolate statement at the end of each entry. (Good thing the chocolate restaurant was last week....)

Chocolate consume today:

- 1 Kinder country
- 4 Reese's peanut butter cups (brought those with me from NY...)
29.10.06 20:59

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Bridjet jones (30.10.06 22:30)
so you're just likeme who states at the beginning of each entry in my diary how many cigarettes I smoked and how many calories I consumed.

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