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Childhood phantasies

Yesterday we went to an absolutely amazing bar: a chocolate bar! I have never experienced anything quite like it before, but it was just the right thing for me, like something you've always been dreaming about when you were a kid. The place just opened in August in NYC, and it's a bit like a restaurant. The colors inside are all in warm brown, cream and orange tones (a bit like in the movie "Chocolat"), the lights are low, candles here and there. When you enter the bar the first thing you see is two huge tubs with melted chocolate flowing around making you want to dip your finger right in it (they seemed to suspect that so they covered them up...). There is a huge pipe running at the ceiling in all directions and you can imagine it is filled with liquid chocolate (it isn't as we later found out, but still it adds to the whole picture). Everywhere in the room are chocolate-related decorations: gigantic oversized chocolate bars, bowls filled with cocoa beans, a long counter presenting their pralines, chocolate cakes, etc.
Then comes the most difficult part: you have to choose something from the menu. But it all sounded so yummy, I wanted to have it all. You should definitely have a look at their menu, it's amazing! It can be found here:
Max Brenner (That's the name of the clever guy who invented that concept. He's a genius!)
E.g. they have "italian thick hot chocolate" served in the "hug mug", or "intense double chocolate fudge cake", or "choctails"... Just thinking about it now makes me want some chocolate!!
We finally decided on the "Sharing (for two)", so that we could try all sorts of things... The way they serve it is amazing, too. Part of our "meal" was a chocolate foundue, which is served in a small rechaud (heated by a candle) on a little tray. To top it of they put a second stove beside it with a bigger (blue) fire where you can roast your marshmallows!
We also had a huge plate with all sorts of little chocolaty things in there, including a little cannikin out of glass filled with chocolate sauce, so that you could spread chocolate wherever you wanted, or a small glass with warm chocolate truffle cream and popping candies, that you had to mix with a miniature spoon before eating it (tasted a bit like the special Milka edition "Knisterschokolade" or whatever it was called)...
I could go on and on about this whole thing. As you can see it was really amazing for little cloudy. And I want to go there again!

To relieve our conscience a bit we went to the gym before... It was my first time in a gym ever. It felt truely american. I was amazed by the service there, they give you as many towels as you want, they have soap and shampoo in the showers, there is a sauna, they have hair dryers, body cream... Now I don't know what it's like in other gyms, maybe that's normal. But I thought it was really neat, so you dont have to carry so much stuff around with you all day if you want to go to the gym after work. Of course we went to one right in Manhattan, one block away from where Maxime works. The machine where I went on (no idea what it's called, it was neither walking nor running nor biking, more like hill climbing with things for your arms as well) had a counter for everything, like the steps made, the distance and the calories burnt. It showed something like 300 when I was finished - I'm afraid that didnt quite make up for our dinner... But who cares, the chocolate experience was totally worth it!
18.10.06 16:42

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alech (18.10.06 22:35)
That sure sounds yummy, I'm a bit jealous ;-) As for the machine, it sounds like a cross trainer (no idea if this is an actual english word or just the german expression for it).

cloudy / Website (19.10.06 16:36)
Unfortunately they haven't opened a place in Germany yet - but if you are going to Australia, Israel, the Philippines or Singapore any time soon, you should check them out... (I think this is a bit of an odd selection of all countries, where to open a chocolate bar...)

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