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Start spreading the news... - Again!

Tomorrow is the big day - I'm going to New York! Only for 10 days, but still... Better than nothing. We have a two week fall break, so today was the last day of school. I had a seminar in the afternoon, but now I'm done. Unfortunately it's the same with school holidays as it was with university holidays. It's more like "school free time" which will have to be used to prepare everything that's coming afterwards. After the break I'm going to take over the grade 5 class for two weeks, at the end of which I will have my first "Unterrichtsbesuch" (people will come and watch me teach, and even worse, they will give me a grade on my teaching, and I have to work out the whole lesson in a paper beforehand). I already took over two lessons in this class at the beginning of the week, and surprisingly enough, the kids still like me! And the results of the math test were normal, so everything seems to be alright again... Luckily.
I'm looking forward to be responsible for a whole session of lessons, to be able to plan them how I think is reasonable, and maybe to try out a couple of things.

Unlike me I haven't packed yet, so I better get started. I'll have to leave early tomorrow morning...
13.10.06 18:25

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