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Creativ Cards

While looking for christmas presents the other day I walked by the cards section and saw a big sign: "Neu: Creativ Cards". First of all, I hate spellings like that. Either take the whole english word "creative" with an "e" at the end, or leave it. I mean, what's wrong with "Kreativkarten"? But all this mixup between german and english, it makes no sense to me. If you want an english title for your product because supposedly english slogans sell better than german ones - ok. But "creativ" is neither german nor english, so what's the point?
Second: These cards were just simple cards with a little cover image or design, in color. No text inside or outside. So wow, here is a card people, where you can write your own creative text on the card! Well that's new! No stress any more with picking out the right card for the right occasion, standing for hours in front of the cards section and reading cards over and over again and they never seem to fit just right. No! Now you can buy this card and write your OWN message on it! What a genius who came up with the idea.
24.11.06 18:13

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