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I guess it's about time for an update. I have no school today and tomorrow because of carneval, which is really nice so I can get some of my work done. As I am not a carneval person at all I am not distracted by getting drunk and falling around the streets. Though I am being distracted by other things... There have been some positive private changes - my frenchman came last week and started a 3 months internship in a bank in Frankfurt. Right now he's living at my place, but currently looking for a room in Frankfurt because it takes one hour to go there every day.. So if anyone has any suggestions where to get a room - please tell us!
We went to the movies in Frankfurt (there is a movie theatre that shows all movies in their original version) on saturday and saw "The good sheperd". I realized that my english skills got really bad. I hardly understood anything. That is, I did understand some parts, but I guess not the important ones, so I didnt get the movie. On top of that I was really tired and the movie was really long (two and a half hours) so I closed my eyes a few times... Might also be a reason why I didnt get it. Maxime spent the way back to Darmstadt explaining the plot to me until he got annoyed, because I really did not get a lot. It's hard to admit that he's better in understanding english than me now!

In school everything is going quite well. I'm enjoying to teach my own classes, to be able to do what I want! I can make my own rules, I am not being watched by other teachers... But I am also responsible for everything, like whether the students really understand and learn something, I have to plan and design the tests, etc. But what surprised me most is that I really like preparing my grade 9 computer science class. This was the class I was afraid of the most, because there are no school books and no course outline, so nobody could really tell me what to do. But that's a major advantage, I can just do it the way I think is best. And the kids also like the Robot Karol environment, so far it's going great. But there are big differences in programming and understanding speed. Some students get their whole assignment done in half of the time I had planned, and others have a hard time accomplishing the minimum of what they're supposed to do. "Binnendifferenzierung" is the keyword...
19.2.07 11:40

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