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Let the new year begin

To keep a long message short:

Holidays were great and lazy, school is already boring/frustrating again (started today).
15.1.07 17:55

New classes

Finally they told me yesterday which classes I will be teaching starting Monday next week. It will be a grade 6 class in math and a grade 9 and grade 11 in computer science. I was hoping I would only get one computer science and two math classes, because computer science is a lot more to prepare. But I guess I have to start with it one time anyway, so better now than later. The thing is that there are no school books for grade 9 computer science. So basically I have to make up everything myself. I already know the students from the computer science classes from observing them during the last half year (in grade 11 I also taught a few lessons myself). So my plan in grade 9 is to do an introduction to programming using Robot Karol , which is a german 3D version of Karel the Robot. Right now I'm writing a script with the basic concepts in student appropriate language (there is a handbook, but it's too complex for beginners). And I'm thinking about fun and interesting exercises. If anybody has worked with Karel and has some ideas, please let me know...
Grade 11 will be a bit more difficult, they have a book there, but I don't like it. And the students always forget EVERYTHING they have learned in previous lessons. It's unbelievable! And not very good if you want to learn how to program (Delphi, in this case). So right now I don't have a great idea yet how to get them to understand at least the basic concepts of programming.

And about the grade 6 math class - I'm excited to see them the first time tomorrow. This week I still have some time to observe, next week it will be my turn to teach. Usually grade 6 is the age when the little cute kids start to turn into little nasty bastards. But luckily it's only the start, the worst is grade 7 in my opinion.

And there will be even more seminars than last semester, yikes.
So here we go.
30.1.07 09:42


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