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Repeating thoughts

I have to work out a concept that allows me to have some free-minded time on weekends. But like this I have this big dark cloud hanging over me all the time, telling me to do my work. And then sunday evening I think about of how much I accomplished of my tasks, and it's not a lot. But still I have spent most of my time at home with a bad conscience. So I need to have some goals, but sorted out in little portions which I can get done within two hours, so that it doesnt seem so big.
So instead of preparing my paper for my third UB (coming up monday in a week in grade 9 math) I baked christmas cookies yesterday. My old roommate was here for the weekend, and she doesnt have an oven where she lives now, so she wanted to take advantage of being here. And of course I'm always in for baking something... The results are quite yummy And I read my book that I had bought last week, and couldnt stop, so I read four hours until I finished it. It felt so good, I haven't taken my time to just read for fun for a long time. Usually I read in the evening before falling asleep, but since I'm always really tired that doesn't last too long... And sometimes I have to admit I just watch TV before falling asleep because I'm too lazy to read. And during the day I usually have to read some papers for my seminars or prepare lessons or whatever. I should definitely read more.
Today I couldnt stand any more being at home doing nothing effectively, so finally I went for a run. That felt really good! We didnt have a basketball game this weekend, so I needed to move a bit, and get some fresh air.
I don't like going to work by car. I never get fresh air any more. Maybe I should start going for walks (or runs...).
It's christmas in two weeks. Unbelievable. I'm so looking forward to it. On the one hand. On the other hand - who is going to buy all my christmas presents? And why is it like this every year?
10.12.06 19:37

Sankta Lucia

I almost forgot about it, but today is Sankta Lucia day! I wrote about this swedish tradition last year, which you can read here. Usually the Swedes also bake "Lussekatter" for this day, those are yellow cookies made with saffron. But I have never made them, and I have to admit I don't think they taste so extraordinary. I prefer "kanelbullar"...
13.12.06 15:28

Holidays are coming

...finally! I finished almost all my work for this year and am definitely looking forward to some days off. My "presentation lesson" on Monday went alright, the grade 9 kids were really nice for once and all worked really well. I counted the hours I needed to prepare for this lesson and for the paper I had to write for it: 20 hours in total. 20 as in t-w-e-n-t-y. That's crazy. And that's definitely not gonna work any more next year when I have my own classes and everything.
Right now I'm busy buying and making and presents and just getting ready for christmas. Inspired by an email I got from a friend today I was even creative. Results see below.

Merry christmas to you all!

20.12.06 22:37


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