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I went back to Germany just in time for THE worldcup! (WM = Weltmeisterschaft = worldcup) And of course, just because of that. What a true german I am.
Ehm, nope. I wanted to go back because my mom came home and I want to be there for her and my dad. And I had three wonderful weeks in NY with Maxime, got a bit of a holiday there and am back with more energy now. So it's ok.


WM is everywhere.

I am so glad we won our first game. It seems like everything depended on this first match, a whole nation would have been in tristesse if we had not won this game. Don't wanna imagine. And we also HAVE TO win this worldcup. Otherwise our nation will grief and the economy will go down and down and we will never ever be able to come out of that hole again. So just let us win and then everything is fine.

Honestly, I would really like Germany to win. Only if they deserve it though, if they give their best in every game and try their hardest. I have to admit I am quite into this worldcup and I enjoy watching the games even at home (usually I found that really boring, I only liked watching at public places with a crowd and lots of cheering, and only when Germany played...).

But still I dont like all the hype and merchandising everywhere. Here are my top 2:
- in the supermarket: sushi looking like little soccer balls
- a broom with the bristles in the colors of the german flag

Who needs that??
13.6.06 23:36

Back "home"

Home is not like home. I had the opportunity to go on a short "holiday" back to Darmstadt for a couple of days, which was really nice. It felt very familiar and homey there, I was really happy to return to my room in our apartment, and it's just nice to go through the usual streets. It's been a while since I was there last. And it's good to get a break from the not so easy situation at home in Speyer. There it is more like the house is my home because I grew up there, but it belongs to a different part of my life. The town doesnt seem so familiar, I feel more like a stranger there. And I don't really have any friends left there. Though maybe I should take this as a chance and call some people up to meet again.
But in Darmstadt I can live my own life, do what I want, meet my friends (though unfortunately time was too short to get to see everyone, sorry Heho!), go to basketball practice, etc. I went to two different beergardens the last two nights with friends to watch the worldcup. I would like to watch Germany play once in a place with more people, with cheering and everything. It really is something to experience. But on the other hand when I see the pictures on TV how crowded the public viewing areas are, I don't think I would have a lot of fun there. Probably I'd be annoyed after 5min because of people stepping on my feet, people walking in my way, people distracting my view, people screaming in my ear or people spilling beer on me. So maybe I'll stick to the couch at home, watching together with my parents...
28.6.06 22:23


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