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Today: first try making "kanelbullar" (swedish cinnamon rolls). I would say, a success. Very yummy.
Not today: studying. At least not while making kanelbullar.
In two days: my first oral exam.

If there is something I really enjoy doing then it's baking. It is something useful, because I can make other people happy with the results, it is something productive, because I can actually see the results (not like studying), and it is good for me because I love eating cakes, cookies and the likes. So why don't I become a baker?
2.4.06 18:36


I had my first oral exam yesterday, and it went really well. I am so happy, because again I was SO nervous. I didn't sleep well the two nights before, my knees felt like jello when I walked there, my stomache was screwed up - anything you can imagine. The last oral exams that I had were four years ago, and they were awful, so that didn't really help to prepare myself.
But now that it went so well I got a little bit more self-esteem and self-confidence, not only for future oral exams but also concerning my future profession. After all there is something I am good at.

And now no more computer science at university! Ha!
And I just realized that I'll be finished with university in exactly FOUR weeks, since my last exam is today in four weeks. And this means it's only a bit more than five weeks until my big trip! New York, here I come!
5.4.06 18:42


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