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Retirement speeches...

... are usually very boring. But when it concerns my dad they are not.
Yesterday were the good-bye ceremonies for my dad because it was his last day of work. The whole thing took place in the municipal hall, so there was quite a crowd. There were lots of people holding speeches, and of course people like the mayor took this opportunity to show what kind of a great guy he is, what he's doing for the schools, renovation, etc. pp. But with most of the other people I really had the feeling they wanted to honour my dad and that their good-bye and thank you speech was sincere. I am very proud of my dad I have to admit. I even learned some things myself that I didnt know about him, i.e. what he did and accomplished in his life.
My mom will also retire this year, so it's good that they're not too far apart. But it's a bit strange for me to think of my parents as being retired. This means that they're getting old... And me too.
1.2.06 10:21


Imagine someone who you really care for is really sick. Imagine there is no way for you to support or help this person. What do you feel like?
3.2.06 23:14


"The lesson that should have been learned here was KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid."

Andrew S. Tanenbaum in "Computer Networks" when talking about Fast Ethernet and two network architectures (FDDI and Fibre Channel), which both didn't make a breakthrough because they were too complicated.

I like this author, there are lots of little comments like that in this book which make it way more pleasant to read than the material actually is. E.g. there is also a footnote on the same page for fibre channel: "It is called 'fibre channel' and not 'fiber channel' because the document editor was British."
8.2.06 19:18

Kids discovering the world

I was on my way home from university, just crossed the street. About 20m in front of me there was a mom with her 2 year old kid, wanting to cross the street as well. Apparently the mom just tried to teach the kid how to cross a street safely (first look to your left, then to your right, then to your left again...). So the minute I was crossing the street they were looking to their left and I was in the field of view of the kid. He looked at me with big eyes. I smiled at him. Then he pointed his finger at me and told his mom: "car!" Well thank you, kiddo.
Good thing the mom then said "No my darling, this is not a car, this is a woman." Otherwise I would have told him.
10.2.06 18:35

My little world

12.2.06 11:45

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