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And the countdown begins

2006 will be a good year. I know it. I will graduate from university THIS year, finally! But this also means that my exams will take place this year. In december I was still able to say - next year, next year.. But now it's more like - in two months (the first exam).
I didn't take any resolutions for this year. Actually I don't think I've ever done that. I usually do that during the year when I want to accomplish something. And usually it works.

Other reasons why 2006 will be a good year:
- I will return to Canada in the summer!
- On the way there (and back?) I will stopover in NY
- I might start my 2nd education ("Referendariat") for becoming a teacher and will finally be able to live independently (with my own money)

I'm sure there is more to come, but these are the big things coming to my mind right now.

Happy 2006 to everyone!
4.1.06 09:10

Queen of beans

This is what happens when you find a coffee bean in your chocolate pudding on January 6th:

I was the queen of the night It's a tradition in my friend's family and she thought it would be fun to spread this tradition. I think so, too . Apparently it's a french tradition as well, but I don't know all the details.
7.1.06 12:47

Pain, part 2

Today I got the left side done, wisdom tooth and normal tooth pulled out. I thought last time was terrible and it couldn't get worse. But it did get worse. It was so painful, even with the local aenesthesia, I haven't experienced anything worse. Maybe when I sprained my ancle. But no, that was different. I hate the feeling of somebody taking off a piece belonging to my body. I could never become a dentist.

But now I'm glad I don't have another side to get done. It can only get better from now on. I have to survive the night somehow, and tomorrow everything will be better.

Today I fooled around with Google Earth for the first time, and it's really amazing! Especially when you can activate the "buildings" section and you can see everything in 3D. It's great!
10.1.06 20:40

The discovery of slowness

When you can't eat as you are used to you realize how much it is worth to be able to eat normally. Last night I spent half an hour on half a slice of untoasted toast. It was taking so long because I can't chew yet, so I had to break it up into little pieces. The funny thing is, I realize also that I don't need so much food to get through the day. Right now I just eat when I really have to, and when I eat I do it very slowly. I have the feeling not to be hungry any more after only a few bites. It's a different kind of feeling eating until you're not hungry any more than eating until you're full. I appreciate my meals much more now. And I'm sooo looking forward to eat until I'm full again . No, I'm looking forward to be able to BITE and CHEW some real FOOD.
12.1.06 14:53

Morning Glory

14.1.06 16:30

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