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Number three

I found my third grey hair today. The third one this year. Oh, it's going down with me. I mean, hello?! I'm only 25! I have only lived through a small part of my life (hopefully!), and I'm already turning grey?? This time I didn't rip it out. I heard that when you rip one out there will soon be five new ones. I don't really think that's true, but hey - you never know.
4.12.05 19:57

No brain

6.12.05 21:03

11 days

Why is it ALWAYS the same?? Now it is eleven days until christmas and I still have no presents. I have a couple of ideas, but then there are still hundreds minus a couple left to think of. And why is it that my family is so big? I always thought having lots of siblings is a great thing, but when it comes down to christmas it's rather stressful. And then they all have a partner who I don't want to exclude from my wonderful not-yet-existing presents. And EVERY year I think - "ok, THIS year I will think of presents in time". It never works.
Note to myself: Get christmas presents next July.
13.12.05 14:40

Sankta Lucia

Today is a special day in Sweden, since it is the 13th of december - "Luciadagen". Usually in every family, school, university, ... there is a Lucia t?g, with one girl being the Lucia with real candles on her head. You can read more about this tradition here.
When I was in Sweden I went to a Lucia concert in the "Globen arena" (the biggest arena in Stockholm for sports, concerts and all other kinds of events). It was one of the most fabulous concerts I ever went to, the atmosphere there was just amazing.
Here is a picture I found on the net which gives a little bit of an impression. There were about 1000 school kids with real candles singing the Lucia song (my favorite swedish christmas song). It's hard to describe, you have to experience it yourself.
Is that already 3 years ago? Hard to believe.
13.12.05 15:32

Happy Holidays

It's late in the evening.. It's a day before christmas.. The happy season is supposed to begin. I don't know how this should be possible but I will try.

I wish you and your families a merry christmas with some time to relax and enjoy.
23.12.05 23:36

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