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Golden October

I don't know whether golden October really translates. But anyway, that's how we say it in german, if the weather in October is mild, the sun is shining and the leaves are changing their colors.
On saturday I really did do the garden, I ended up raking for three hours and had a sore back the next day.. But nevertheless I enjoyed it.
On sunday my whole family was reunited, everybody was able to come in the afternoon for coffee and cake, which only happens about once a year...

2.11.05 09:12

A new week

I decided not to start studying this week, instead I made a lot of appointments with all the professors who will be my examinators (?) to talk about the exams. And I have to prepare a seminar paper for friday (my last paper!!), so I thought it's better to get all these things done beforehand.
And I have an appointment at the dentist tomorrow. But I chickened out. I was supposed to get my wisdom teeth pulled out, but I'm not sure about this whole thing. I converted the operation appointment into a normal one, to get informed about other possibilities.. After all I have to hold a seminar talk on friday, so that might not have been the best idea with big cheeks.. I hate going to the dentist. The bare noise of the drill... argh.
7.11.05 10:34

Autumn Leaves

I'm really starting to like this autumn weather. We've been very lucky, the grey and rainy days have been very rare so far. Instead we've been treated with the most beautiful autumn sunshine. Today I went for a walk through half of Darmstadt, not intendedly though.. I walked to my appointment at the dentist (in two weeks I will get my wisdom teeth pulled out.. argh), then I checked on my old bike which was still at my old apartment. But it wasn't there any more, which is good, because I had been meaning to get rid of it anyway. And from there I walked home over the "Mathildenh?he". Very nice.

By the way, my new mobile can now communicate via Bluetooth with my laptop... More pictures .
8.11.05 16:56

What a day...

Today I was reminded of the reasons why I once did NOT want to become a teacher. I have a job at a school in a socially difficult area, lots of immigrants from very different countries. I have the feeling that some of those kids have never heard about the word "discipline" or "education". I'm giving a math course for kids of age 12 who have problems with maths. There are only 10 kids in the course, so it's an optimal learning environment. But there are two guys who are just unbelievable and who destroy the whole atmosphere. And the language they use... geez. But it's even worse in the basketball practice, it's for kids of ages 10-12. It's exactly that age were boys and girls don't like each other at all. Today one guy didnt want to play in the blue team because there were four girls in that team. How do you cope with that? I tried it with reasoning, but thinking about it - reasonable vs. unreasonable??
Then there is one guy, Mr. "Kick it all", who does not understand the sentence "Be quiet" or "Hold the ball". If I tell him to do something he doesn't want he starts to scream and swear and kicks and throws the ball with all his power. He had to sit on the bench (that's my punishment, but I doubt that it will last long) twice today. Next time I will make him do push-ups. He's a little fat boy. Oops, I didnt say that.
Well, but after three hours trying to organize kids who just want to do what they want I'm quite exhausted. I'm glad I won't be a P.E. teacher. I thought about taking P.E. as an extra subject, but imagining 30 of those 12 kids I had in basketball - No, thank you.
9.11.05 19:44

No more talks

Today I held my last seminar talk! Hiphiphooray. Not the last seminar talk for the semester, no. Last talk for my WHOLE STUDIES. I still have to attend the seminar though in order to get my certificate, but still. So now I can fully concentrate on starting to study. I talked to almost all the professors where I want to take my final exam(s), in some fields I haven't decided yet what I actually want to study. I have approximately four months to study 10 subjects. Hm, that makes more than two in one month - argh. We'll see. When I wrote my thesis I actually would have preferred studying instead of writing. Probably it will be the other way around soon..
11.11.05 18:04

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