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Nothing changed in my daily schedule, only the days to go are getting less and less.
We lost our first three games of the season with my basketball team which is not good. Losing is just not what I need right now to get my mind off of my thesis.
Last week I had a first version of my thesis ready, gave it my supervisor to read and supposedly it was quite good (so she said). But nevertheless there is still a lot to do, and annoyingly it's all those things that I have procrastinated doing the whole time ("ah, I'll do that later, first I'll do the fun things").

Current status:

Days to go: 15
Pages written: 49
Mood: whiny depressive
3.10.05 16:33

Getting closer

My goal is to have a first final version ready by tomorrow. So far it's looking good, I only have to write the last chapter, a summary of the things I found out, then I'm finished. Ok, I realize I won't be finished-finished, but at least that would be a version I can give people to read over. Then saturday I have to work in the morning and a basketball game in the evening, so that will be my day "off".
Then comes a lot of reading and correcting.
But I'm quite optimistic, I'm quite satisfied with what I've written so far and there's still some time, it doesn't look like night shifts for me (yet!). Though I spent 11 hours at university yesterday... Whole day gone.
I even have time to go to basketball practice tonight, so that's good after sitting all this time here at my desk.

Current Status:

Days to go: 12
Pages written: 55
Mood: Tired but ok
6.10.05 17:16

My world

This is where I spent a lot of time these past weeks... My desk at university. And it does really LOOK like a place where someone works...

Current Status:

Days to go: 6
Pages written: 63
Mood: good
12.10.05 15:15


I handed in my thesis today. So now it's done. I could be happy.
17.10.05 13:24

No picture

I had been meaning to post an entry on the Frankfurt Book Fair with a picture. But somehow my new Nokia 6230i (with a 1,3 Mp camera!) has problems to connect via the infra red port to my laptop. So I cannot transfer data yet. And with myblog.de I cannot blog with my mobile. So no picture today.

I went to the book fair on thursday, I was lucky to get in, since the fair is only open to the public on the weekend (and usually packed). But my sister worked on the fair so she could get me a "press" ticket. It was the first time for me on the fair and I really enjoyed it. I stopped here and there, read a couple of pages in a few books and just wandered around with no pressure at all. Saw a couple of interviews with famous authors (Nick Hornby, Ulrich Wickert, Selim ?zdogan, ...). Just enjoyed the atmosphere.

Other than that my first week off has been pretty low. I enjoy lying in bed in the morning without getting up for hours, just because I don't have to. But then during the day I don't really have anything to do. It's strange, I feel a bit bored, but I shouldn't.
This week university is starting again, but I only signed up for two courses, one of them I will skip anway (I only have to do one more). I will start studying next week. Maybe.
24.10.05 13:37

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