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Christmas is coming

I meant to write this entry last week, but I didn't have internet at home any more.
It was actually on the 25th of August that I went into the shop around the corner. Mind the date, the 25th. Exactly 4 months until christmas. Of course that's about time to put out christmas things, like ginger bread and other christmas cookies. I couldn't believe it!
But the best thing was: the lady behind me actually bought some of those things!
Ok, time IS flying by like crazy, but I don't see the need of putting out christmas stuff in summer.
29.8.05 11:00


Last friday I moved to my new apartment. It was a lot of carrying since I moved to an apartment in the 3rd floor without elevator. But luckily I had some people helping me, without them it would have been hell.
I am quite proud of myself because I already managed to unpack almost everything (except the kitchen things, but I have to see which things I need, since there are a lot of things already there in the apartment).
I feel really comfortable there, my room is huge and so is the whole apartment (compared to the one I lived in before). Hopefully I will still feel comfortable with my new roommates (they will return from holidays during the next couple of weeks).
29.8.05 11:05

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