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i think i\'m becoming a computer nerd. yesterday i finally set up my old computer again so that it works (including connecting all the wires inside the computer shell and stuff like that). and i even bought a cable to connect my old and my new computer, so i set up a little "network" (had to call a friend though to ask how it works) so that i could transfer all my old data to the new one. the frightening thing is: that was fun!

today i actually got some work done, i corrected TWO classes (still doing that job...) in ONE day! but i have to admit after a while it gets really boring, because it\'s always the same test, just different grade 8 classes. and there are really big differences between the classes, a lot depends on the teacher i guess...

tomorrow my project at university starts, it\'s a group work project for two weeks. i hope i\'ll be in a good group and we\'ll get a nice topic.. haven\'t done a lot of practice with html which i should have.. we\'ll see.
3.10.04 18:04


for those of you who remember.. i started a series with old passport pictures of myself. today it\'s #2\'s turn. this is already from the year 95, so there is a 6 year gap where i didnt take any passport pictures.

4.10.04 19:53


what a week! the project at university started on monday and since then we\'ve been working on it every day from 8 am til 6 pm. crazy group, huh? i have to admit it wasnt my idea to meet at 8 every day, but after all it\'s good because we actually get something done. the task is to design a teaching unit on the web (a web page as a teaching unit?), topic could be chosen freely. we\'re doing something on chipboard production and costing (calculation of all occuring costs during the production process). that again wasnt my idea, but the guys i\'m with study constructional engineering and they have a lot of material that we can use. in that group it seems like i am the one with the most experience in webdesign. or let\'s say i was the one most willing to learn that since i cant help a lot with the actual content of the page. but i really like the role i have in that group, i feel like i\'m doing something really useful. and i\'m glad that there\'s no computer freak in our group who would do all the work with an html-editor. like this i\'m able to learn everything myself! and make all the mistakes myself... oh well. we have to hand in the project on thursday or friday, so this week will be another busy one..
10.10.04 15:50


done with the project, quite exhausted. even though we didnt have to do a night shift to get our project done like other groups had to i'm still really exhausted right now. our presentation on thursday went quite alright. but comparing our website to the ones of the other groups i would say that we didnt really do the best. i'm proud of what we did because none of us had ever designed a website before, but we could have done better i think. oh well, we'll know better next time.

i dont know why but for some reason i don't fall asleep very easily these last days. i guess it still has to do with the project, it really kept my mind busy and focused. it felt so good to do something useful, and the group work was really fun. i was a bit afraid in the beginning, because i didnt know who i would work with, and i ended up with three guys who i didnt know before. but i worked out really well, we had lots of fun and we were all really motivated. and i really learned a lot, one step further in becoming a good teacher and less self-consciousness about my lackings in computer science..

on monday the new semester starts for real, i hope everything works out and i can do all the courses i want to.

last week i also wrote a letter to the international school in lyon asking whether it's possible to do an internship there. i have to do a 5 week internship in a school next spring. (actually it wasnt me who wrote the letter - mx did it.. and i even have a CV in french now! thanks again..) but there was no reply yet unfortunately.

i feel like spending a really lazy morning right now. while writing this i'm still in my bed (i love my laptop!), and i even had my cereals in bed which is really unlike me. especially since the sun is shining, that usually urges me to do something and go outside..
16.10.04 10:42

making decisions...

is definitely one of my weaknesses. i realized that once again while setting up my schedule for the courses i'm taking this semester. since i'm taking courses from three different disciplines there are overlappings all the time. and then i have to decide whether it's still possible to do all the courses even though there are some overlappings or whether the load is too much for one semester and so on. right now i think i have a solution, but i've been thinking about it the last couple of days. and the thing is i can never tell how much workload one course is until i've gone at least to the first couple of lectures/seminars. it really occupies my mind and makes me frustrated and tired. aaah.
but so far so good. there are some really interesting courses again, but also some that suck. or maybe the topics don't even suck, but i hate sitting in a lecture with 500 other students. all the computer science lectures i'm taking are like that. and then there are these stereotype computer science students, who don't really make the whole thing more comfortable. argh.

and outside the world is showing its most beautiful colors. after having lunch at the mensa i sat outside with two friends to have a coffee (ok, i had a tea). and it was so nice! the sun was shining and even warmed us up. great moment...
21.10.04 17:05

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