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a short update...
yesterday was maxime\'s last day of work - so now he\'s free! the plan for the day is to go downtown and do some shopping and take advantage of the good weather. unfortunately the swimming-pool opened the last time yesterday (so i went there with maxime\'s sister), because in france today is the "going-back-to-school-day". so no kids will be available any more to go swimming..
last night we went to an oriental bar/cafe which was really nice. they didnt have normal chairs or anything, it was all either little pillows to sit on the floor around flat table or couch-like things down on the floor. also at the entrance you had to get rid of your shoes and walk around in socks. i guess you can picture what kind of atmosphere it was, all very calm, in brown and red colors, oriental-like. and the only thing you can order is tea (but really ALL kinds you could imagine) and "nargil?" (i don\'t know what the english word is for that), with flavors like melon, apple, banana or the like. and the tea is served in neat cans and it\'s really good. we also had a nargil?, but i didnt like it too much, i don\'t like smoke in my lungs, even if this was probably the least dangerous you could have. but still i had a nice evening with max and his friends.

wel, i\'m off now, going downtown.. hope you\'re all having a good day!
1.9.04 09:56

i\'m going through a "click phase" right now. all of a sudden i feel quite comfortable with the french language, we\'re almost talking more french than english. it\'s cool, i like it!
last night we went out to the "orienth?" again, it was really fun. there were quite a lot of people but i felt really comfortable among them and even had real conversations in french with other people than max! and the tea there is so yummy, mmmh.

yesterday we planned a bit our camping trip! his parents still have a tent (from the seventies.. i hope it will be ok ;-) ) and a little stove thing, so we only had to buy a camping pot and dishes. we\'re gonna go to the west coast to
lacanau which is somewhere close bordeaux. i\'ve never been to this part of france and only once to the atlantic ocean (bretagne). i hope the weather will be at leat ok so that we dont freeze in the night and can spent some time outside of the tent. we can even go there by car, his parents are letting us borrow one of theirs. it\'s really nice of them to give us all these things, his mum even did my laundry! but on the other hand i think it\'s a bit too much, i feel like a 15 year old who can\'t do anything by herself. so i\'m a bit glad to have one week just with maxime.. hehe.
and they are a bit invading in our private life.. but they just have an apartment which is not too big, and of course they\'re interested in what we\'re doing and stuff. they only have good intentions. but the thing is, i\'ve been basically living on my own the last 5 years now, and when i\'m at my parents it\'s only for a short weekend or something and then i really appreciate seeing them and stuff. i\'m just not used to every day life with parents any more.

it\'s too bad the swimming-pools are all closed now, it\'s so nice and hot outside, I WANNA SWIM!
3.9.04 12:55

if you ever think you could go camping just like that - well, i have to disappoint you, you cannot. simple as that. i spent a crazy day (well, ok - evening) packing, shopping, doing laundry, etc. originally we wanted to go out tonight, but we just finished packing, so i dont think we\'ll leave. and i have doubts that all of that stuff will fit in the car (renault clio..). anyway, we\'re off tomorrow and planning to come back next week friday or saturday..
until then - have fun..
3.9.04 23:02

back again! spent an incredibly beautiful week at lacanau. all the hassle with packing and driving all the way there was absolutely worth it. since the weather was still so good we spent each day at the beach... and the waves - they were HUGE!! it was so fun to go swimming, but sometimes also a bit scary because there were strong currents... and i\'m definitely not of a brave kind i realized..
apparently lacanau is quite well-known for its big waves so there were a lot of surfers. and when i say a lot i really mean A LOT. once we tried to count them just for fun, and there were around 60 in the water in a part of about 25 m length of beach. it was a bit crazy.. maxime had brought two bodyboards so that i could try it, too (he\'s been at the ocean a few times with his family), and it\'s lots of fun, really. you swim out with the wave and you go really really fast. that\'s the fun part. the problem is that there is no break. and that there are other people in the water. bathing. happily. well... you can imagine the rest. but i didnt hit anyone! i was close though.. and one time my forehead got really close to a surfboard. too close though, so that within a couple of minutes i was ressembling a unicorn. the worst thing is that it wasn\'t even my fault. i had taken the same wave as this stupid surfer guy and we were really close to each other in the end. when he got off his board it snapped into the air and landed on my forehead. i guess i was quite lucky though.. got away with a blue eye (literally). and since the beaches there are surveyed i could get some ice-cubes right away.
the campingsite was also ok, since it wasn\'t the main season any more it wasn\'t so crowded. but i really missed a fridge or something like that, since we couldnt leave anything in the tent because it was so hot. but anyway, that\'s what camping is about, too. we got a nice suntan there and look all relaxed now.
but tomorrow it\'s back to reality. i\'m going back to darmstadt and maxime is going back to university. unfortunately. it will be really tough. i got used to being around him again, and now i don\'t know when i\'ll see him again, probably we have to wait until christmas. merde! and yes, i speak more and more french now..
12.9.04 20:26

just got back a couple of hours ago - 9 hour train ride, phew. pretty tired now. just wanted to post this picture, taken yesterday with my siemens S55 mobile phone (bad quality..).

starring maxime vs. lyon

13.9.04 21:06

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