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Repeating thoughts

I have to work out a concept that allows me to have some free-minded time on weekends. But like this I have this big dark cloud hanging over me all the time, telling me to do my work. And then sunday evening I think about of how much I accomplished of my tasks, and it's not a lot. But still I have spent most of my time at home with a bad conscience. So I need to have some goals, but sorted out in little portions which I can get done within two hours, so that it doesnt seem so big.
So instead of preparing my paper for my third UB (coming up monday in a week in grade 9 math) I baked christmas cookies yesterday. My old roommate was here for the weekend, and she doesnt have an oven where she lives now, so she wanted to take advantage of being here. And of course I'm always in for baking something... The results are quite yummy And I read my book that I had bought last week, and couldnt stop, so I read four hours until I finished it. It felt so good, I haven't taken my time to just read for fun for a long time. Usually I read in the evening before falling asleep, but since I'm always really tired that doesn't last too long... And sometimes I have to admit I just watch TV before falling asleep because I'm too lazy to read. And during the day I usually have to read some papers for my seminars or prepare lessons or whatever. I should definitely read more.
Today I couldnt stand any more being at home doing nothing effectively, so finally I went for a run. That felt really good! We didnt have a basketball game this weekend, so I needed to move a bit, and get some fresh air.
I don't like going to work by car. I never get fresh air any more. Maybe I should start going for walks (or runs...).
It's christmas in two weeks. Unbelievable. I'm so looking forward to it. On the one hand. On the other hand - who is going to buy all my christmas presents? And why is it like this every year?
10.12.06 19:37

CS - check!

It feels good to have accomplished another important task. Today was my UB in computer science. I did it in grade 11, the topic was the datatype "real". My students had to program a currency converter, so it was a real life example, which always helps to keep them motivated. It went quite well, though I took too long in the beginning with the explanation and everything so that they didn't a lot of time to implement the project. I was worried that they wouldnt be able to finish in the lesson at all... But luckily there are some students who work quite fast, so maybe a third was finished and one of them even presented her program.
I think my supervisor teacher was quite satisfied with what I did, at least there were no major things that I should have done differently.
After the lesson there is a certain ritual for the discussion. First I have to start with a reflection of the lesson (start with positive things! that's really hard when only the things that didnt go well come up to your mind). Then everybody else (my supervisor teacher, my mentor, the teacher of the class, and maybe other student teachers) gets 2-3 little cards where upon they have to write something positive about me or my way of teaching. This is really nice because I get to take these home Then I have to write stuff on other cards where I think I need some advice or where I want to work on, and so does my supervisor teacher. Then we pick out the most important topics and I get some advice on them. Which is more or less helpful.. In the end we have to make an agreement what I have to work on until next time, or rather in the near future.
So it's all quite regulated...

Anyway, I'm glad I had a good start especially in computer science, because I was really worried about how it would all turn out... Now I have one more of these things just before christmas, but then finally holidays! I'm already looking forward to them.
29.11.06 16:24

Creativ Cards

While looking for christmas presents the other day I walked by the cards section and saw a big sign: "Neu: Creativ Cards". First of all, I hate spellings like that. Either take the whole english word "creative" with an "e" at the end, or leave it. I mean, what's wrong with "Kreativkarten"? But all this mixup between german and english, it makes no sense to me. If you want an english title for your product because supposedly english slogans sell better than german ones - ok. But "creativ" is neither german nor english, so what's the point?
Second: These cards were just simple cards with a little cover image or design, in color. No text inside or outside. So wow, here is a card people, where you can write your own creative text on the card! Well that's new! No stress any more with picking out the right card for the right occasion, standing for hours in front of the cards section and reading cards over and over again and they never seem to fit just right. No! Now you can buy this card and write your OWN message on it! What a genius who came up with the idea.
24.11.06 18:13

A life for a day

Now it's time to breathe and finally have a life again. Only for a few hours though, then back to normal (= preparing lessons, seminars and other school-related stuff).
Today was my first UB. It went quite alright and I think I can be satisfied with what I have accomplished until now. My mentor teacher was of great help, we planned the lesson together, went through it like three or four times, she proofread my paper that I had to write about the contents of the lesson and the didactics and methods, and was just of great help in general. Unfortunately the mentor teachers change frequently, so she won't be there for all my UBs.
The kids were great, too. Two girls came up to me before the lesson and said things like "I wish you good luck" and "You can do it". That was a great start...
So after the seminar in the afternoon I told myself not do anything for school today, which feels really good. I continued my little tradition to do other "useful" things after exam situations, so I baked kanelbullar to surprise my family tomorrow.

And there will be no more chocolate consume update. Stupid idea.
10.11.06 21:23

Above average?

How much chocolate do I eat per year?

I just read an article in the newspaper on chocolate and there it said that during the last year there was an average consume of chocolate of almost 9kg per person. My first reaction was - I am certainly above average when it comes to eating chocolate. But then I started to calculate.. 9kg per year, that means 750g per month. Considering that the average chocolate bar (like these pure chocolate bars) has something like 100g that makes almost 8 chocolate bars a month, so that means 2 per week. Do I really eat that much???
But unfortunately the answer is yes. And even more.
I don't eat pure chocolate bars all the time, but I eat lots of things that have some chocolate inside. I would say at least once a day something chocolatey. At least. Ok. Maybe twice. And then a chocolate bar every once in a while, when I am attacked by the chocolate hunger. So I guess that easily adds up to more than 9kg per year.

Thinking about it all made me curious how much chocolate I really eat. So starting from today I will try to make a chocolate statement at the end of each entry. (Good thing the chocolate restaurant was last week....)

Chocolate consume today:

- 1 Kinder country
- 4 Reese's peanut butter cups (brought those with me from NY...)
29.10.06 20:59

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