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CS - check!

It feels good to have accomplished another important task. Today was my UB in computer science. I did it in grade 11, the topic was the datatype "real". My students had to program a currency converter, so it was a real life example, which always helps to keep them motivated. It went quite well, though I took too long in the beginning with the explanation and everything so that they didn't a lot of time to implement the project. I was worried that they wouldnt be able to finish in the lesson at all... But luckily there are some students who work quite fast, so maybe a third was finished and one of them even presented her program.
I think my supervisor teacher was quite satisfied with what I did, at least there were no major things that I should have done differently.
After the lesson there is a certain ritual for the discussion. First I have to start with a reflection of the lesson (start with positive things! that's really hard when only the things that didnt go well come up to your mind). Then everybody else (my supervisor teacher, my mentor, the teacher of the class, and maybe other student teachers) gets 2-3 little cards where upon they have to write something positive about me or my way of teaching. This is really nice because I get to take these home Then I have to write stuff on other cards where I think I need some advice or where I want to work on, and so does my supervisor teacher. Then we pick out the most important topics and I get some advice on them. Which is more or less helpful.. In the end we have to make an agreement what I have to work on until next time, or rather in the near future.
So it's all quite regulated...

Anyway, I'm glad I had a good start especially in computer science, because I was really worried about how it would all turn out... Now I have one more of these things just before christmas, but then finally holidays! I'm already looking forward to them.
29.11.06 16:24

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