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I swear

Today was my first official day as a "Studienreferendar". That's my official title from now on. It was a lot of input today, I'm quite exhausted now, even if I just had to sit there and listen the whole time. No, that's not right. At one time I actually had to say something - we were sworn in. We had to stand up, lift the right hand and repeat after the woman in charge, something like that we swear to obey the law of the state and will fulfill our duties conscientously and impartially. We also had to sign a lot of papers, in total I gave 21 signatures... After all I will be an official ("Beamte"), so there had to be some burocracy! There were papers about corruption, where it was listed which kind of presents I'm allowed to accept and what not, I had to sign a paper against corporal punishment (damn it! ), then a paper about epidemics, one about data protection, etc etc pp.

But at least I got to know the other girl who's gonna start at my school, she seems to be really nice. Also the two prep teachers at my school who started half a year ago were there as well and seemed very nice. Though what they said about the school didnt seem so convincing... It's a big mess there right now, everything under construction because of renovations, and not so welcoming teachers. But I'll see for myself.

Now I think I have to take a nap...
1.8.06 15:15

May I introduce...

Mr. Frog:

My first car! A 1995 VW Golf III, 140.000km... with seat-heating!
19.8.06 13:02


I would like to welcome all new readers So now the news have spread - yes, Cloudy has been keeping a weblog for quite a while now. The original goal of this blog was to keep in contact with friends from my exchange years in Canada and Sweden (that's why I'm writing in english...). But why not extend it to keep in contact with friends from university as well. After all I won't be able to join the Mensa crew as often as I would like to any more (and yes, I hope the food is better at my school than in the Mensa, though I'm not even sure there is something like a cafeteria there... I'll see). But still I will keep writing in english. But feel free to comment in whatever language you prefer!
23.8.06 14:35

Cold feet

Last night I watched a documentary movie, "profession teacher". It was shot in Mannheim, a city not too far from here, in a "Realschule" (it's a school type for students from grade 5 to 10, the intermediate type if you want out of the three types there are here). I won't be teaching at this kind of school, but still it was interesting, because the people teaching there are still teachers, and the daily problems they have to cope with are very similar. Afterwards I thought "Do I really want to do this? Do I really want to put up with students every day? All the stress and noise and problem solving when there are fights?" The thing is, none of the teachers portrayed there ever said something about that they like their job or talked about a nice event. They just complained. Actually, they didn't really complain, they just stated their opinions and every day life in a really resigned sort of way. Seen like that it was a really sad movie. And it underlined the doubts that have developed in my mind these past few weeks, whether this is really what I want to do. I am scared of whether I will be able to cope with the situation. I don't want to end up all miserable and defeated.

But as I said before, if I don't try it I don't know whether I like or not, whether it's my profession or not. School starts on Monday. So here we go.
24.8.06 09:49

Today is only day 2 out of two years, but maybe just about the right time to state a first impression of the school. Actually it's already day 3, since we were already there on friday for a conference, but today was the second "school day". The teacher who is "responsible" for us, like someone we can turn to with problems and who showed us around school, introduced us to colleagues, etc, seems to be really nice and of great help. So do the other teachers at the school, I shaked a lot of hands belonging to welcoming faces (forgot all the names though...). The conference went really well, the principal of the school is very pragmatic and there are no big discussions coming up, which is a good thing when there are about 100 people attending a conference... And despite all the construction work on the schoolground and the confusion related to it I have the feeling everything is really well organized. We already have our own compartment/shelf with our name on it in the teachers' room, and every day I find some new useful information in it. E.g. yesterday I got a folder containing a welcoming letter of the principal, a description of the school and staff, a site plan (very important!), a list of all teachers and their subjects etc.
Today and yesterday we observed some classes, and this will be the main thing we'll be doing for the next couple of weeks. By the way, we means the other prep teacher and I. And today was the first time we had to be at the school at 7.15am. The first class starts at 7.30am, and as you never know what the traffic is like in town or on the Autobahn I try to be there 15min earlier. Getting up this morning wasn't so easy, I can tell you. But I have to say, driving through the city at that time is quite nice, when everybody is just waking up. Though I was quite surprised how many people are already up and awake and on the streets that early!
It's also nice to get home early and to have a free afternoon Hehe.
29.8.06 15:45

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