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"The shadow of the wind" by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. Very good novel.
7.7.06 23:33

The day after

Already cracks in the flag.

Last night I watched a game of the german soccer team first time in public (this worldcup). It was my last chance anyway. It was great, but not as overwhelming as I had imagined. Reason being probably that despite of all the happy and partying people celebrating the extraordinary german team, as they are praised in all newspapers today (the people AND the team, "winner of the hearts"), we did NOT win the worldcup. Maybe I'm a bit too ambitious here, but I don't like 3rd and 2nd places. I want to win, and if I don't win I'm disappointed. I'm a bad loser. And I guess I dont belong to this "New Germany". I'm curious about how long all this power and energy is going to last without the worldcup, starting tomorrow. I say back to reality.
9.7.06 14:33


Title is mixture of two things I don't wanna think about any more:

CARS: I want to buy a car. So far so good. But which one?? And for how much?? I need to travel back and forth on the weekends, and I might need it to go to school every day. But since they STILL havent told me to which school I will be going (two weeks left, no worries) I still dont know whether the school will be downtown (-> no car needed) or out of town. And I'm not sure how much I want to spend. On the one hand I dont really need need a car (if the school is downtown), it would just be more easier to get around sometimes. So just a little cheap one which just drives would do. On the other hand, this will be my first own car, and maybe it's better to invest some more money into something better, which will last longer and has some extra benefits concering security and luxury, like airbags, ABS, servo, central-locking and air-conditioning. I tell you, too many choices. And I really havent made up my mind. Am I willing to spend so much money on a car? After all gas is just getting more and more expensive... Hmmm.

APRICOTS: I can see no more of these. We have a lovely apricot tree in our backyard, and this year it's carrying tons and tons of fruits. Which is a nice thing, I love being able to get stuff from the garden, like fruits, herbs and veggies. But now we don't know what to do with them any more. There is just too many. We've been cooking very yummy apricot jam every other day since last week, I plucked 5 buckets of apricots only yesterday and there is still half of the tree left! We already gave away 4 buckets to neighbors and family. And we already had apricot dumplings twice in one week for lunch, we have apricot compote every day.... They are everywhere!
Tomorrow I might try to do an apricot chutney, never done that before nor tasted it, but at least it's something that you can keep for a while without it going bad...
18.7.06 23:18

Down the road

The road in front of our house yesterday afternoon.
Finally there was some rain. It felt like a grand relief, I think it didnt rain for like a month or so, and I couldnt stand the heat any more. It felt so good to breathe fresh air. Within minutes the temperature dropped down 10 degrees Celsius. But also within minutes there was A LOT of rain. Too much for the drains, so down went the road... Never seen that before. Luckily it wasnt too much, so the houses werent flooded, at least not in my area...
23.7.06 10:39

Time for a change

The old layout has been annoying me for quite a while now. My original plan was to do my own homepage with php and everything, to get rid of all the adds and just be my own boss. But since I'm not getting around to it (I do have the time, I'm just too lazy I guess) I changed the colors and header on this page at least. What do you think?
25.7.06 12:49

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