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The unfairness of life

It's hard to deal with some issues of life, especially that of serious illness and death. Everything else seems suddenly so unimportant and pointless. Especially something like exams. Fortunately I have my last exam on wednesday, I just can't cope with it any more, want to be finished with the studying and pressure, want to use my energy for more useful things like visiting my mom in the hospital or supporting my dad.
1.5.06 18:26

J - 2

It's only two days until I leave!! Incredible! Actually in exactly two days I should just be about to land with the plane, because I'm arriving 14.10 New York time (there is a 6 hour time difference between here and there). To explain the title: that's french . "J" stands for "jour" (day) and "-" for "moins" (minus). I only learned that expression half a year ago when Swedimax left to NY. As far as I remember it's usually used as a military term.

Now I'm trying to get everything organized, tomorrow packing, and then I'm off. I don't know how long I will stay though. The original plan was to stay 2 1/2 months, but now I don't think I can or want to do that any more. It depends on how mum is and will be doing. I might not be able to go to Canada at all, which is really sad . But we will see.

By the way: I'm finished with university!! So despite of all the sad news these last days this is something to be happy about!
10.5.06 20:34

in the US

Yes, I'm here! Almost one week already, time flies by as usual.

New York is really an amazing city. I manage to forget my sorrows here quite well. We've already been on the Empire State Building, and last night Maxime took me out for a cocktail to a lounge with a most amazing view. The bar is called "The view" of course, on the 48th floor of the Marriott Hotel, and it's a turning restaurant, so that you get to see every corner within one hour. We even saw the sunset from there!

Today I spent a day here in Brooklyn, I really like it here. There is a big park right next door (Prospect Park) where I went for a run and only saw a small part of it. I also had a little adventure doing my laundry at a public laundry (I appreciate having a washing-machine in my apartment now even more!), walked to the post-office which was already closed and went to a supermarket. I am quite food-oriented. Almost everything that I want to do here has something to do with food (Frozen Yoghurt at Baskin Robbins, Frosty at Wendy's, a Sub at Subways, toasted Bagel with cream cheese, etc... and I wanted TimBits so badly, but they dont have Tim Hortons here!!).
Ok, there are other things to do here than eating junk food (good thing I went for a run toda..), e.g. walking around SoHo or the Village, Central Park, Statue of Liberty (havent seen her from up close yet). But I still have some time here hopefully.

For pictures you can check out my
Flickr Page.
19.5.06 01:57

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