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More snow

It's incredible how it's snowing here right now. It's snowing and snowing, really heavy and wet snow, and it's not gonna stop any time soon. Here is a picture I just took outside of my university building.

Other than that I came back this morning from a short trip to Speyer, I had to apply for a new passport and a new ID. This frigging new passport costs 35 euros! And I had to get special passport pictures for it, where you are not really allowed to smile.
It was nice to be back home. My dad is really enjoying his free time now I think. He even started to cook for my mom (and me!). And of course afterwards he was really proud of himself "So how did you like it? It was quite good, wasn't it?"

So now it's back to studying. And watching the snow fall.
3.3.06 16:10

Bright and sunny

When I opened my roller shutters this morning the first thing that I saw was pure light. I looked right into the sunshine. And I think that's what gave me an incredibly good feeling to start out the day. I am so full of energy and in such a good mood, I don't even remember the last time I felt like that. Oh, yes I do. But no more details on that subject.
When I just walked to university it felt like I'm sucking up all the sunlight into myself. And all the snow is reflecting the sunlight, so it's even brighter. And it felt like as if nothing could ever go wrong again. Great feeling! Oh happy happy joyjoy

What a day for a daydream
What a day for a daydreamin' boy girl
And I'm lost in a daydream
Dreamin' 'bout my bundle of joy

And even if time ain't really on my side
It's one of those days for taking a walk outside
I'm blowing the day to take a walk in the sun
And fall on my face on somebody's new-mown lawn a big field of snow

[Lovin' spoonful - What a day for a daydream]
5.3.06 12:54

Thumbs up

I would say this is definitely a "thumbs up" for my exam tomorrow.
Stupid me played basketball yesterday. I thought it would be good for me, to get my mind on different things and all. But, of course, I got a ball directly on my thumb. This has never happened to me before, at least not with my thumbs. The ring finger or the small finger would have been ok, even spraining my foot. But without the thumb it's impossible to write. So I wrote an email to my professor last night and she replied right away. She propsed to practice writing with my left hand. Yeah right. As if. I tried it, and it takes like hours if somebody else is supposed to be able to read it.. And she said if I can't write the exam tomorrow then the next chance is only half a year later! So I'm definitely going to write the exam tomorrow, no matter what. I tried writing this morning, and it works, but just not as quickly as usual. And I have no idea whether it will work for 4 hours tomorrow morning. But I just have to try.
Of course it's also the weekend so that my only option to get a doctor's advice was at the hospital. So I went there and only waited for an hour, which is quite alright I suppose. He gave me some pain killers for today and tomorrow and said that it's most probable that the finger is only sprained. But he didnt do an xray, I have to go back there during the week to get it done.

Well, I guess that's life. Or Murphy's law. The thing is, I have been debating with myself all last week whether I should play that game or not. I shouldn't have.
12.3.06 16:10

#3 - done

So, after all, my thumb didnt bother me during the exam. After three hours of writing my hand started to hurt, but I think that's normal, at least everybody else was complaining as well after the four hours. I dont know whether that's due to the adrenaline and stress during the exam, or maybe the injury wasn't that bad after all. Hopefully the latter.
So now there is only one exam left to write! It's padagogics, in one week. Then I would say it's half time. In April/May there will be the oral exams.

Today it was my math exam. I think that was the last math exam of my life. No, not really. It was the last math exam that I had to write. Later it will be ME on the other side, giving poor little students a really hard time. Hehe.
13.3.06 19:39

Sweet distraction

So the best thing to do the night before the exam is to update my blog. I mean not just writing an entry like right now. But discovering loads of neat little things on the net and wanting to implement them on my site. Once I am done with all my exams I will definitely make my own site. Programming it all by myself from the bottom to the top. This myblog.de design is just a bit too annoying and the adds are annoying, and anyway, it's time for a change and it's something I've always been wanting to do (and I guess it's also a good preparation for my high school career as a computer science teacher ).
So today I disovered Self-Portrait Day and I think the idea is kinda nice. Though it's awfully bad for people like me who already spend too many hours in front of their computer.
And then I finally set up my flickr.com account and included a badge on this blog here. So now there is not only cloudythoughts but also cloudypics! But I haven't really put up any pictures yet, I just wanted to try it out. And I don't have a real digital camera yet, right now I'm taking the pics with my Nokia phone.. But I'm gonna buy a real one before I'm leaving for my big trip, that's for sure! And then watch out for my shots!
19.3.06 22:13

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