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Half time

I have made it through half of the time for my thesis. And I'm currently at page 10. Only 50 or so more to go. Yay!
Today I have another appointment with my supervisor, hopefully she likes what I've done so far...
5.9.05 10:52


... jag har inte pratat svenska sedan l?nge...
My new swedish roommate arrived tuesday night. Yesterday evening we spent on the balcony, perfect temperature to sit outside and watch the sunset, with a glass of red wine. And we talked in swedish - at least most of the time. It's been a long time since I last spoke some swedish, there are all sorts of languages mixed up in my head.
She's not the easiest person to live with, but after all she's already 58 and lost her husband 4 years ago. She's worried about all sorts of things, but I guess that's quite understandable imagining the situation she's in right now. E.g. yesterday she had problem with her computer and it really made her very nervous that it's not working (she could only receive but not send emails. So I had a look at it and was able to fix it (wasn't so hard). And that really impressed her and she was very happy...
Nevertheless I enjoyed talking to her, she's had an interesting life so far and is also interested in languages (she's an interpreter). She might not stay for very long in Germany though, it depends on how it all works out for her here.
8.9.05 11:21


My swedish roommate bought some "Wasa" bread yesterday... How more swedish can it get? ;-)
14.9.05 18:22

... and now?

We had elections yesterday in Germany. And the results are more than confusing. I think these results reflect the confusion of the people. There is no clear victory for any of the parties. Who is going to rule our country to the benefit of the people? I'm a bit pessimistic about our so-called "democracy". I think most of the politicians are corrupt anyway, only serve those who have money, searching for power. Who is a politician just because he/she wants to change something in our country for the benefit of all, and not only the higher class, serve the country? With a portion of idealism?
19.9.05 11:49

You're hard working if...

* you have nothing to blog about because every day seems to be the same: get up - go to university - work - eat lunch in the mensa - work - go home - eat dinner - go to bed
* your desk is full of papers, books, food... and a laptop
* you have weird dreams about long bike trips through turkey which will never end (???) and avalanches of snow coming right down at ya
* you leave the teabag in the hot water for two hours and then drink the not so hot any more tea

I'm sure there is more to come during the next couple of weeks.

Current Status

Days to go: 27
Pages written: 34
21.9.05 19:37

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