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I got the key!

... to a happy life. Uhm, nope.
To be exact: I got the keyS. To my new apartment. Yes! I went by there yesterday, but I won't be moving until the end of August. They asked me to look after the flowers and mail while they're gone (they = my new landlady and -lord, the parents of the girl I'll be living with...).

And I wrote an exam today, so now I can fully concentrate on my thesis.. But not to overdo for today I told myseld it would be better to take the afternoon off, relax a bit and then start working tomorrow again :-)
3.8.05 15:25


I discovered yesterday that I'm easily convincable. Now I'm wondering whether that's a good thing or not. Yesterday it surely was, had a wonderful evening. I agreed to go out though I was already dead tired after b-ball practice. One phrase especially sticks to my mind and puts a smile on my face thinking about it, so I guess it was worth it letting myself be convinced.
6.8.05 20:35

Working and not working

I have a hard time motivating myself when trying to work at home. I get distracted quite easily or just don't feel the urge to actually do something. I spent some days at my boyfriend's place and realized that just a change of room and atmosphere makes me work more easily. So now I decided to take advantage of the work space I have in university. And it's going quite well. I think once I have the routine of going there every day it will be easier. And time is running...

This weekend I'll be spending in Dortmund, friends of us are having a party there. And the weekend after that we'll spend at my boyfriend's parents, since he's celebrating his birthday there. So those weekends will be for relaxing and getting my mind off of the not so nice things in life.
12.8.05 15:24

Are dogs able to see colors?

This morning on my way to university I had to stop at a redlight. So did a woman and her dog. But the dog desperately wanted to get on the other side of the road, expressing his will by barking and pulling. So the woman tried to calm him down by saying "Look, the light is still red, we can't just walk over the road!"
That sounded a bit hilarious to me.
23.8.05 10:03

Ommm. Aaah. Hunnng.

Yesterday I attended a speech about buddhistic meditation. I expected a hall with chairs, boring speaker. But instead the speaker sat on the floor, and so did most of the people listening to him, on these little sort of pillows. He is actually a former student from Lama Ole Nydahl, the "founder" of the Diamond Way Buddhism in the western hemisphere. I hadn't really heard a lot about it, but it sounded interesting to me and my boyfriend wanted to go there.
The speaker was really entertaining, authentic, humorous. The things he said about the Diamond Way Buddhism, the way they think and try to be, it all sounded very interesting. Not to take oneself so serious. To experience every moment, at any second, as if it was the first time on earth, like a child in a big new room.
The evening ended with a short guided meditation. I have to admit that when all people said "omm" at the same time without warning in the middle of the meditation speech I had to suppress a laughter. It was just so unexpected and served all prejudices about meditation - people sitting on the floor saying "omm". When the next syllables "aah" and "hung" were pronounced I was a bit prepared...

But I have to say - the buddhistic way is not my way. A lot of the things the speaker mentioned weren't really new to me. I have been thinking a lot about my thoughts, the way I think, and why I think the way I do. And sometimes it works to look at me from a bird's perspective and not take everything I think so seriously. But sometimes not. I think a sort of meditation might be really helpful for me, to get my thoughts sorted out. But I can't identify myseld with the Lama or as a Buddha.
24.8.05 12:21

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