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Our professor had the wonderful idea to hold a math-night yesterday - on the last day of one of the biggest festivals in Darmstadt, the "Heinerfest". What a great timing. On top of that she said that she expects her students to come.. But actually, why not? I mean, math students are known to be not the socializing kind, happy not having to talk to strangers. Uhm, yes.

Wel, we went there for an hour and I have to admit it wasn't that bad. The idea of a math-night is ok, just the timing was bad... Our professor had even bought kegs of beer.. We stayed for an hour, then we left for an open-air concert in the "Herrengarten" (a park close to university). It was really cool, there was a band playing the album "Swing when you're winning". And right with the last tune of the last song the fireworks started! Lovely.
Then we went to another "concert", there was a rock cover band playing, they were really cool, too!

I had a really fun evening yesterday, just because of the math-night (if it hadn't started out like that who knows what would have happened...) .
5.7.05 10:55


Just a quick note to tell you that it's great that you [readers] have been posting comments to my recent entries. Thanks - I really like it, keep it up ;-)
5.7.05 23:18


ProPro = Programming Projects.
Aah, how frustrating it can get.
I realized how important project organization is. We just finished our one project (optimization of school buses) this week, and we had done a good job. Every team member participated, our work was well-structured, everything organized... I'd say almost perfect for a group work. Ok, there was _someone_ working much more than us others, but I think he enjoyed it.. (right, Heho?) ;-)

But now I'm also in this other project, where it's the total opposite. There is no transparency in the group work, one guy is hardly doing anything at all, we have communication difficulties.. Just very frustrating. And that's the reason why I'm still up. I spent hours adjusting my parts to the new structure that has been defined without my knowledge. Grrh. I mean, it's great to have a programming expert like that, without him we would be totally lost. But he should be able to leave his work transparent to us, especially if it touches MY parts.
7.7.05 01:43


I signed the contract for my new room today, so now everything is fixed! I spent two hours there, talked a lot to the parents, who are really nice (which is a good thing, since they will be visiting every once in a while..). The dad is a teacher (like me! uhm, almost..) and was offered a job at the german school in Brussels, that's why they are going abroad for three years. I find that really interesting, because this has been one of my thoughts as well - to teach at a german school in a foreign country for a couple of years.. We'll see.

My roommate moved out yesterday so now I'm all alone in the apartment. Which is kinda cool, to live on my own for once. But since I don't have a lot of furniture the two other rooms are completely empty, so I can't really take advantage of all that space (okay, I could throw big dance parties, but I'm not in the mood for that right now).

Today has been a really happy and satisfying day, unlike the last week where I spent hours gloomy and frustrated. I just realized that I can be quite happy with my life how it is right now.
10.7.05 22:10

Summer feelings

I will have to remember the mood I'm in right now for the bad times (which are coming sooner or later again...). The weather is great, I'm getting all my things done, I got some flowers yesterday (for no reason!) - how much better can it get?

Tonight is an open air concert from a friend of mine, it'll be a nice atmosphere.. Though I'm a bit tired right now, because I already went out last night. But it's not far away from where I live, so it's okay!
13.7.05 21:18

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