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welcome to cloudy(s) thoughts..
17.8.04 21:07

well, so here we go. my first blog.

today my friend KT from canada left again. she came to visit me during her last days here in europe. i\'m so glad she was able to come down here - i hadnt seen her in 5 long years! talking to her about all these people who i havent seen in so long really made me miss canada even more. before she came i had already been thinking about my life and the great people there a lot. i can\'t believe it\'s already 8 years ago i went there on an exchange. geez i\'m getting old. and just a week ago i had finally the guts to call my friend korinne (also canadian) who i sort of lost contact to during the last years. i was even nervous before calling, but it turned out to be just like always, we talked for about an hour.. it\'s really good to know that some things will always be the same

so now i have this plan in my head that i would like to go to canada again as soon as possible. unfortunately i need a lot of money though to do that. the other night when i couldnt get to sleep i counted how much money i should save per month to be able to afford a trip to canada when i\'m finished with university (which will be in something like 2 years): 50 euros. that should pay the flight and gives me a nice sum to start with once i\'m there. so that\'s my plan. though i probably have to wait until september to get my first paycheck for this month\'s job. right now i\'m working at the university, taking care of a study room where people can prepare for their exams. but since the exams are quite soon there are lots of people with lots of questions... gets quite tiring after 3 hours nonstop math questions...

plan for tomorrow:
* work
* write that damn seminar paper
* go to basketball practice
17.8.04 23:05

last night i had once again problems falling asleep because there was too much going on in my mind. one of the things i thought about was this blog - i\'ve been thinking about doing one for a long time, but for some reason never got around to it. now i wonder whether it was right to go on step further into the "digital world". i\'m spending way too much time in front of the computer anyway and it\'s not gonna be less with this blog... because i want to learn some html to be able to do my own design and stuff. i also want to do maybe a few more categories, we\'ll see. maybe i\'ll have some more time while i\'m in france - i\'m going there next week to visit my boyfriend, yippieh! he\'ll have to work the first few days i\'m there, so i\'ll have some time during the day.

today work was ok, not as busy as yesterday, but still i had to answer questions nonstop. but there are just two days left of this job, so it\'s ok.

right now i have a headache, i hope it\'s gonna go away until basketball practice... 10 balls bouncing around in a gym won\'t make it any better i\'m afraid...
18.8.04 17:02

now playing: fields of gold, sung by eva cassidy
man i love her voice. beautiful music.

i\'m very proud of myself: today i exchanged the power supply unit of my old computer with an old one of a friend to see whether that was the problem. because one day my old computer just stopped working, nothing happened when i pushed on the button. i guess it\'s because it was jealous because i had just bought a beautiful notebook and hadn\'t turned the old one on for a couple of weeks... well, but now i have to buy a new unit for it, if i ever want to use my old computer again. i can already see my first 50 bucks going down the drain instead of being saved for canada.

basketball last night was really good, though very tiring too. but i like it better that way, going to the limits and being totally out of breath than just goofing around. we\'ll have our first game of the season in about three weeks. but i\'ll probably be still in france at that time, or maybe just on my way back...

ryanair is doing a 90c per flight offer because of their 900.000 passenger or something.
i wish i could afford flying somewhere right now... *stockholm* i mean, yes, the flight would be like nothing, but still i would have to pay to stay somewhere, and getting to the ryanair airports is most of the time as expensive as the flight itself...

money money money
19.8.04 21:03

why doesn\'t ryanair fly to canada, too???
19.8.04 21:05

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